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Peruvian Raku Ceramic Oval Dragon Beads (25mm)
Handmade Peruvian raku fired Ceramic large oval beads, with a dragon motif and highly decorated. The beads are mainly blue and white but some have reds in them too.

Each Raku bead will be different from another because of the process: Each bead is "smoked" in a naturally formed oxygen reduced atmosphere. The oxygen is then drawn out of the beads and the glaze causing the resulting colours, metallic lustre, and crackles associated with Raku pottery. Raku produces extraordinary results which cannot be predicted. The mixture of different temperatures and a broad range of elements make Raku pottery special as each piece is unpredictably unique.

A great focal bead for your ethnic designs.

Size: approx. 25 x 9mm
Holes drilled horizontally with 2.5mm-3mm hole diameter
Price: 3.70 euro each
Stock: 10
3.70 €