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43252145 - Gentleness and tact come easily to us.
This lovely set of 8 fiber beads are made of acrylic and polyester blends for a very beautiful effect. I particularly love the calming steel blue that almost tends to gray in the mixture. The greens in these beads go from a bright and vibrant to a more subdued olive green. The entire bead is a gorgeous understated blend that might not catch attention right away but is remarkable in its appearance anyway. Here and there you may see spots of pink and orange. It's natural to the fiber.

Each bead is 1.25 inch long and .25 inch wide with a stable core through the center of the bead. This core is wide enough to receive standard bead stringing material. The beads are made from a skein of fiber and are a strong representation of the beads you will receive.

Price: 8 euro for the set
8.00 €